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Barbera tasting at Cantina Comunale

Aggiornamento: 10 set 2023

A day entirely dedicated to the tasting of Barbera wine from the member producers of the Cantina Comunale of La Morra.

A typical Piedmontese wine that needs no lengthy introduction, made from the indigenous grape variety of the same name, which can be drunk young in its unaged version, and left to rest for a few years in its aged version.

Is it "la barbera" or "il barbera"?

Saturday 23 September 2023, from 11 to 5 pm, in the Cantina Comunale a large tasting counter will be set up with all the Barbera wines from La Morra.


H: 11-5 pm (last admission at 4pm)

10,00 €

This event does not require advance booking.

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